Le persone che riescono in questo mondo sono quelle che vanno alla ricerca delle condizioni che desiderano e, se non le trovano, le creano
George Bernard Shaw

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Red Carpet Group is the new point of reference in the show business world, with the vocation of offering its services to the fashion sector, offering its clients, each time in a different way, all the necessary tools to realize fashion shows of medium, high and highest level, through the realization of unique and suggestive ideas.

From high fashion to prêt-a-porter, from trunk shows to fashion presentations, to performances and vernissage, our objective is to best interpret the creations, bringing them to light through the choice of unique and unforgettable location whilst fully respecting the style and history of the brand.

Our strength that at our disposal we have  the best professionals in the field, accurately able to follow the project through all its phases; from the initial advisory service and idea development to the organization, realization and management, assuring  continuous and efficient assistance,  in line with the most evolved principle of professionalism, efficiency, rapidity and competence.

Our openness and profound passion for this work bring us to have great respect for those which we consider art forms with a high capital rate; for this reason we propose our services in a very competitive way, through original and personalized solutions and competitive prices with the guarantee of perfect performance and execution.

Red Carpet Group is able to organize exclusive parties and post-fashion show events, suggesting solutions able to satisfy every requirement. From hospitality to banqueting, from testimonials and VIP guests to musical performances and entertainment. All details will be taken care of with maximum attention in consideration of the customer’s requirement.

We are a young company that aims at excellence.

Our resource selection is based on specific characteristics such as professionalism, enthusiasm, audacity, dynamism and maximum reliability.



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Gestione eventi
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Ufficio stampa
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