Qualcuno deve forzare i limiti di quello che è rassicurante ma privo di fantasia. Ogni tanto mi piace scioccare
Terry Richardson

Digital Media


The organisation of events is now handled with multimedia as an integral part, in the same way as in our personal life. A multimedia set up in the foreground enriches the charm, professionalism and impression of an event: taking care of these details can make the difference.

  • Lighting studied ad-hoc for every environment
  • Slide projection on screens
  • Filming and airing  live on normal and maxi screens at events
  • Creation of advergame and/or iphone apps to launch an event
  • Creation of a dedicated internet site
  • Live streaming the event
  • Processing film materials according to customer needs (Editing, DVD, Trailer, Web streaming etc)




Gestione eventi
Gestione eventi
events e fashion events
Ufficio stampa
Ufficio stampa
comunicati e conferenze ad hoc
flotta luxury e autisti multilingua
Security & Body Guards
professionisti certificati (legge 94/2009)
Hostess & Models
personale qualificato e multilingue
Digital Media
Digital Media
servizi multimediali